The ArmOR Hand Gloves offer protection to the wearer, while facilitating restraint

of the animal by allowing sufficient flexibility and dexterity.


The Animal Handling Glove offers hand and arm coverage up to the

elbow. Reinforced high-injury areas provide additional protection. The

use of the gloves provide personal protection of the hand and forearm,

decreasing the chance of bites and scratches, and transmission of

zoonotic disease.


Anyone and everyone who is in contact with animals: laboratory

workers, groomers, kennel workers, research facilities,

zoo and wildlife centers, pet owners - can benefit

from these gloves.

Be Safe. Glove Up.


OUTER SHELL: durable stretch Cordura, also

used in the lining of tires


double knit made with Kevlar® by


KNUCKLE: flexible Neoprene reinforcement

PALM: non-slip reinforcement patches


water resistant &

machine washable

STORAGE: cuff loop for easy hang storage


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An important distinction of the ArmOR Hand Animal Handling Gloves is that they are machine washable. This may not sound like a huge feat in itself, but think of how many times during a day that a veterinarian and their staff wash their hands.  Quite a bit of hand washing occurs in veterinary practices, or with anyone who handles animals, for that matter!

The leather or welder-type glove that is frequently seen in veterinary practices – are filthy. A number of wildlife rehabilitation workers have told me that their leather welder gloves actually grow mold on them. These gloves cannot be washed. They are dirty and this is what we had previously been presenting to pet owners to restrain their beloved pet. The pet owner, the pet, and the veterinary staff deserve better.

Just as we wash our scrubs, our lab coats, we need to be washing the gloves we wear day in and day out to treat a variety of animals. The washing instructions for the ArmOR Hand gloves are simple:

Machine wash cold, mild detergent

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

Do not bleach

Hang/Line dry

Each pair of gloves has a tag on the inside cuff that details the above information. The palpation/procedure style gloves can be cared for in the same manner as the animal handling gloves, the materials are exactly the same in both versions.

In the next newsletter, I will be posting a link for YouTube videos of pet restraint using the animal handling gloves as well as procedures using the procedure/palpation style glove.

"The ArmOR Hand Glove is comfortable, form-fitting, and durable. This product allows animal professionals the mobility and confidence needed to handle fractious pets with proper restraining technique." Amanda Norman DVM

One benefit of the ArmOR Hand Animal Handling Gloves is excellent flexibility and dexterity. At Chippens Hill Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Amanda Norman uses the animal handling gloves with fractious cats. Her technician is able to restrain the cat properly; the gloves are not bulky, so the cat is not "slipping through" her fingers resulting in increased stress for the cat, the staff, and the owner. What occurs after the pet has slipped through the bulky gloves is that the pet scrambles around the exam room and the staff tries to catch him or her. Again, increasing stress for all involved, including the patient. The gloves are bite and scratch resistant, and if a bite occurs, the severity of the injury is greatly decreased. The gloves are made with the strongest of the stretch materials, so that is what allows the superior flexibility and dexterity.  Additional benefits of the ArmOR Hand brand are that the gloves are machine washable, made of all synthetic materials, and the cuff coverage is up to the elbow. There are 4 sizes available (small through XL) to ensure a proper fit.

Owners who have to get their fractious, or "not-so-friendly-feline" to the veterinarian can also benefit from the gloves. Veterinary practices have the ability to sell the gloves directly to pet owners. It still may be difficult getting their cat actually into the carrier, but with the gloves, they will have a level of protection than trying to manage their cat with no protection whatsoever.

However, I do not want to leave dogs out! Every veterinary practice does toe nail trims. How many times have you had a dog - small or large - that is just has somewhat of a hard time holding still for their manicure and pedicure? Many times, the veterinary staff that is restraining for toe nail trims, can get scratched. Scratches even all the way to their elbows. If the person restraining the dog for their nail trim wears the ArmOR Hand Gloves, they can properly restrain the pet while being protected against scratches. Another benefit is the second style available in the ArmOR Hand line-up. This is the procedure/palpation glove. Not only can the person restraining for nail trims be protected, but the person performing the nail trim procedure can be protected as well! The procedure/palpation glove has the same superior quality as the animal handling glove - in fact, it is the same glove, but the first 3 finger tips are exposed. This allows the person who is doing the nail trim the ability to trim nails while being protected!


Furthermore, the gloves simply look nice. Some practices have the bulky, dirty, leather gloves available. Owners seem to frown when these are brought into exam rooms. The gloves are filthy and their pet deserves better. The ArmOR Hand gloves as mentioned are not only machine washable, but they are wipeable as well. Why continue using a dirty, bulky glove when now you can chose a form-fitting, clean, comfortable glove that provides excellent flexibility and dexterity - and is made specifically for pets! 

Please also inquire about the “Palpation Glove” in ArmOr Hand Protector’s line-up.

“I read about the ArmOR Hand gloves on Facebook and heard everyone rave about them. So does my veterinarian and her technician. My hands thank you.” Patricia Peiffer

The ArmOR Hand Glove Company has received a lot of positive feedback. One important selling point of the gloves is that they are specifically made for the wonderful people who handle animals. Whereas other animal handling gloves available to veterinarians are designed for other “utility” purposes, the ArmOR Hand brand is different. The gloves were designed by a veterinarian for veterinarians.

Veterinarians and their technicians deserve better than to have to rely on welders’ gloves when working. Furthermore, the client deserves better as well. When owners bring their pets to the veterinarian for care, they are bringing a beloved member of their family. When the staff, regardless of how knowledgeable or compassionate they are, handles a client’s pet with bulky, dirty, and stinky welders’ gloves, it sends a negative message. The ArmOR Hand Gloves are, by far, more aesthetically pleasing to pet owners.  Furthermore, because the gloves are not bulky, the person restraining a pet is able to better assess how much pressure they are putting on the pet. The ArmOR Hand brand offers more humane handling. Pets deserve this.

It is recommended that clinics purchase more than one pair, so that during the day, if a pair becomes soiled, they will have another pair to use. However, during the day, the ArmOR Hand gloves can be wiped down, or disinfected, if needed.  All around, the ArmOR Hand Gloves are the right choice.


Be Safe. Glove Up.

Thank you for your interest in the ArmOR Hand brand.


Laura Catena DVM, inventor of the ArmOR Hand Protector Gloves, is a graduate of The Ohio State 

University School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Catena was bitten by a patient early in her veterinary

career. Her wound resulted in infection, pain, paralysis, surgery and extensive physical therapy.

Because of her injury, she realized the need for animal handling gloves that would protect

others from the pain she endured. She conceived of the idea for a glove that would be

durable, flexible, comfortable, and well-fitting.