Lincomycin-300.jpgInjectable Swine Antibiotic

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o Potent-Highest concentration of lincomycin equivalency available

o Effective-Proven antibiotic for treatment of susceptible arthritis and mycoplasma pneumonia

o Economical-Vedco-quality
bioequivalent to the pioneer

o FDA approved

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Sterile Lincomycin Hydrochloride
Injection-300 mg/mL

With millions of doses administered, lincomycin hydrochloride has proven to be one of the most efficacious treatments for infectious forms of arthritis caused by organisms sensitive to its activity. This includes most of the organisms responsible for the various infectious arthritides in swine, such as staphylo-cocci, streptococci, Erysipelothrix and Mycoplasma spp. It is also effective in the treatment of Mycoplasma pneumonia.

Lincomycin 300 is the right choice for swine weighing 300 pounds or more. Each intramuscularly administered mL of Lincomycin 300 treats 60 pounds of body weight providing the recommended lincomycin dosage of 5 mg/lb.