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Product Description:

Instrument Bath is a unique rust inhibitor and lubricant for surgical instruments. This lubricant contains dual-purpose corrosion inhibitors that protect all types of metal instruments, including carbon steel. It does not interfere with steam sterilization and maintains free working instruments, which saves dollars in replacement costs. This instrument lubricant is easy to use and economical. It is also bacteriostatic.


Surgical instruments are cleaned and sterilized after each surgical procedure. These instruments are repeatedly subjected to the sterilization conditions of heat, moisture and time all of which can cause box locks to stick and rust. Unless these instruments are treated routinely, the instruments will bind in their box locks and the grasping or cutting surfaces will not be effective. The users of Vedco Instrument Bath will prolong the life of their instruments.


After surgical instruments are cleaned, they are dipped in a lubricating solution for 30 to 45 seconds. The instruments are then removed and allowed to drain. No rinsing or wiping is necessary. Then proceed with autoclaving. Vedco Instrument Bath is mixed easily with water. One gallon (3.8 liters) of concentrate makes seven gallons (26.6 liters) of clean, non-oily, non-sticky instrument lubricant bath. The lubricant is effective for 28 days after it has been mixed. Vedco Instrument Bath does not interfere with steam sterilization. It leaves a protective coating on such items as bronchoscopes, tonsil snares, hemostats, sharps, etc. It is especially useful as a lubricant for ultrasonically cleaned instruments. Vedco Instrument Bath keeps box locks working freely, it lubricates all joints and protects cutting edges in areas of extremely hard water, or where spot lubrication is required.

Features — Benefits:

Non-silicone lubricant — Patient safe lubricant will not cause abscesses in body.
Highly compatible with all types of water and instruments — Does not interfere with autoclaving or ETO sterilization Inhibits rust and corrosion, frees box locks — Useful life of instruments extended;less repair costs
Bacteriostatic — Will not support growth of bacteria.

Directions for Use:

Dip instruments into Vedco Instrument Bath for 30-45 seconds. Let drain and proceed with sterilization method.

Physical Properties:

Form Liquid
Color Milky White
Odor Odorless pH 7.8
Sp. G .97
Flash Pt. None


1 gallon plastic containers

VEDCO - 11/10/98.1